Libra Horoscope – Kundali, Astrology, Zodiac Sign And More

According to Libra horoscope 2021, Rahu and Ketu will be present in the eighth and second house of your zodiac sign this year. Along with this, Shani Dev will also see your tenth house, sitting in your fourth house throughout the year. Mars will be in your seventh house in the beginning, which will affect your eighth, ninth and tenth house the most.

Along with this, transit of Venus, Guru Dev, Surya and Mercury is also going to happen in different expressions of your zodiac sign this year, due to which you will get favorable results in your career. You will grow, as well as the natives doing business will benefit from some secret source. Wealth will be available in financial life, due to which you will be seen to spend your money in religious work. According to the year 2021, the middle part of this year will be the best for the students. During this time the students will be successful in giving their best performance. You may have to move away from home for some reason in family life.

In such a situation, you will feel the lack of family members. If you are married, the lack of love between you and your life partner will continue to haunt you. Time will be good for children. You and your life partner will take a big decision for the better future of the child.

If you truly love someone, then this year will be good for you. Your love seems to be forming in marriage. However, you have to take special care in terms of health, otherwise the sight of Rahu-Ketu can give you some major disease.

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