Google Duo: A simple one-to-one video calling application for everyone

Technology Desk: Search giant Google has finally launched its free Android and iOS app, where you can easily make video calls.

With Google Duo, you can make video calls from any contact that has Google Duo installed.

Its interface is very simple and in this app you just have to click on the video call button and tab on the contact. You don’t even need a Google Account to use it. Instead, Duo uses your phone number.

How does Google Duo work?

First, download this app for your iOS or Android device. The first time you open this app, it will ask you to agree to Google’s privacy policy and service terms. From here you can decide whether to give Google Duo access to your smartphone’s microphone and camera.

Once that’s all done, enter your number Then Google will send you a one-time code SMS which you have to put in the Duo to verify the number.

Now you are ready to start using this app.

After launching this app, you will see the main interface of this app Its screen is split in two, your camera appears in the upper half, and at the bottom is a large video call button. The first time you see this screen it will ask your contact for access

How to make video calling with Google Duo?

Each time you open the duo you will see a camera on its screen and a button for lower video call. Tap on this Video Call button to make a video call

Now the contact screen will pop up, where you can search the contact by name or number.

Tap on the video call to make and your video calling will start

But for that to make a video call, Google Duo must already be installed 

What is Google Duo’s Knock Knock?

The first time you call, it will send you a “Smile! Knock Knock is on ”will say this This means that when you call your friends, they can see you even when the phone is ringing This means that when you call someone, they will be watching you in real time before picking up the phone. So assuming they can’t see you until they pick up your video call can lead to some embarrassing situations for you. The biggest advantage of this feature is that you can see the caller before picking up the call

But before you start worrying that when you make a call you will appear on the front screen, then you can turn off this feature by going to Setting.

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