If your phone is saved in the name of UIDAI, then it is important to know the reason

New Delhi: A few days after TRAI chairman RS Sharma made public its base number on social media, it was again on Friday. This time the question has been raised suddenly in the contact list of the Android smartphone user, UIDAI’s helpline number 18003001947. A user tweeted on Twitter and asked, “Is UIDAI’s helpline display happening in your phone’s contact list?” Tehelka was soon followed.

While issuing the statement, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) said that it has not asked any mobile manufacturer or telecom service provider to update the authorization toll free helpline number 18003001947 on the smartphone. The Authority also said that this number is not valid. Some people are spreading illusions about the authority. The legal helpline number of the Authority is 1947, which has been working for two years.

What is the matter
After the number of authorization in the smartphone was suddenly displayed, the user raised concern about social media on social media and expressed concern about it. However this number is not visible in all smartphones. But in most Android phones this show is happening. Many people were found to be checking their phones after being viral of this news.

What is the reason
Most new Android smartphones have the obligation to link a Gmail account. Doing so, the contact list automatically updates in the phone. According to the experts, the number of authorization has been updated from every phone in the same place. 18003001947 is the oldest number of the Authority which is no longer in use. So if you see this number in the phone, then edit it and get it done in 1947, which is working.

TRAI Chairman has given the base number on social media
On sharing of his base number on the social media, the UIDAI had said in a statement that such things are unnecessary and should be avoided as it is not in accordance with the law. Sharma, on Saturday, made his challenge public, challenging that someone should tell him how he can harm him by knowing the number. Some of them later claimed on Twitter that they got Sharma’s bank account number and e-mail. However Sharma denied it and said it wrong.

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