How to hide private photos and videos in your phone’s gallery – Smartphone users also use WhatsApp and are connected to many different groups in addition to their friends. Many times it happens that during these chats, some such pictures and videos come which you cannot show to everyone or do not want anyone else to see. In such a situation, few people know how to save these photos and videos in their phone’s gallery without deleting them from everyone’s eyes. We are going to tell you one such way, with the help of which you can hide these things in your phone. We are going to tell this trick for both Android and iOS users.

This is a trick for Android users

For this, you have to create a folder in your phone’s gallery. This will be a hidden folder in which the content saved will also remain hidden. This is a normal method that works in Google Photos. For this you have to follow these steps.

– Then select the option to Move to Archive in the menu that opens.

– As you do this, your photos and photos will be saved in that folder. These photos can be accessed anytime by going to Google’s option containing photos.

iOS users follow these steps

Similarly, Apple is also a trick for smartphone users, with the help of which you can hide these pictures and videos.

– For this, first click on the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad.

– Select the album you want to see.

– After this, select the option at the top right.

– Select photos and photos to be hidden.

– Select the share button and choose the option with hide in the share sheet menu here.

– Confirm after this.



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