On searching someone’s mobile number through the Truecaller service, their name is shown, but sometimes it is not correct, the name can also be changed in Truecaller, many mobile numbers whose owner’s name does not show the correct one. It happens.
Sometimes this app can cause problems for us, can any unknown person know our name and location through our mobile number, if your name also shows on Truecaller, then you can remove it?

How to change the name from truecaller?

To change the name you have to go to the website of Truecaller. Then follow the steps given below, and this step is only for computers and laptops:

How to change the name from mobile to Truecaller

Now we will show you how to change the name from mobile, the way to change the name from mobile is very simple and fast.
Step-1: First of all download and install the Truecaller App on your mobile.
Step-2: Open the app after this and your mobile number.
Step-3: After entering the mobile number the app will automatically verify the number.
Step-4: After the number is verified, you should enter your first name, last name and email id on the next page and click continue.
After this, the Truecaller will be activated on your mobile and the new name you entered while registering will show the same name on your number, replacing the old name and registering the new name.

How to change the name from computer by Truecaller

1. After going to the website of Truecaller, you have to put a search box online, the number whose name is to be changed in the search box, press the button after entering the number.
2. Now you will see the details of the given number like name, email id etc.
3. Now Truecaller has to suggest your real and correct name, suggest correct name. Truecaller will fix the wrong name by changing the show to your number.
4. Now click on “Suggest a better name” below the page.
5. On “Suggest a better name” you have to click on a suggestion box, in this box you have to enter your correct name.
– First type your correct name in the box
– Choose the right option in the person and business
– Then click on the suggested name button
6. Now there will be a box, click Close.
Now you have decided on the real and correct name suggested to Truecaller, it will take some time but after some time your name will change.

How to remove name from truecaller?

Step-1: To remove the name from Truecaller, you must first go to the Unlist page of Truecaller, by clicking here you can go to the Direct Unlist page.
Step-2: Select the country: Here you have to first select your country in the Unlist page.
Step-3: Enter phone number: After selecting the country you will see the option of phone number and enter your phone number in it. Keep in mind that you also have to write your country code in front of your phone number.
Step-4: I am not ticking a robot: After that I am not ticking the option of a robot, and click on the phone number click.
Step-5: Unlisted phone number: In the next window also click on the Unlisted phone number. Now after 24 hours your name and number will be removed from Truecaller.
By following this step you can remove both name and number, now no one will be able to search your name and number on Truecaller, your name and number will now be completely safe.

How to remove ID from truecaller?

To delete an ID from Truecaller, first you need to open the Truecaller App.
Step-1: Click on the three lines button in the top left side.
Step-2: Now go to Setting About section.
Step-3: Regarding the section, you will see the option of Deactivate Account at the bottom, which. Click
Step-4: After that a window will open and click on Yes.
Step-5: Your ID has been deleted from Truecaller, now no one will be able to see your personal information.

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