Want to Change Or Update Your Aadhaar Card Photo? Here’s the Easiest Way to Do It

Aadhaar card is the most important identity proof document issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India or UIDAI. It contains your biometric data as well as demographic information. Today it is compulsory for everyone whether small kids, adults or senior citizens to have Aadhaar card.

Many a times, the photo printed on the Aadhaar card is wrong or unclear/ blurred and you may want to change or update it but don’t know how to do it. In this article we will tell you the easiest method to change the photograph on your Aadhaar card. Basically there are two methods of doing it. Firstly, you may do it by updating the details through the Self-service Update Portal and secondly, you can visit the nearest enrolment centre. Also remember that if you want to change the photo on Aadhaar card then you will have to do so offline as there is no provision to change the picture online.

Simple Method to Change or Update Photo in Aadhaar Card

In order to change or update the photograph on the Aadhaar card, you simply need to go to your nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre.

Follow the steps given below to update or change the photo:

Step 1 – Go to the nearest Aadhaar enrolment centre.

Step 2 – Download the enrolment form from the official website of UIDAI.

Step 3 – Fill up the form very carefully as you can’t keep updating your Aadhaar card.

Step 4 – Then submit the correction form to the executive & provide your biometric details.

Step 5 – The official present at the enrolment centre will collect your latest photograph.

Step 6 – You will have to provide the biometrics to approve the details.

Step 7 – Submit Rs 25 plus GST to get your details updated.

Step 8 – You will get an acknowledgement receipt that carries your URN. You can utilize the URN to check your update status.

If you are not able to submit the form in person then you can get your photograph in Aadhaar card updated by sending a letter to the regional UIDAI office. For this you will have to download the Aadhaar data update correction from the UIDAI official website and fill up all the required details. Then, write a letter to the regional office/officer asking them to update or change your Aadhaar card picture. Send the application form on the address given below:

UIDAI Regional Office
Khanija Bhavan,
No. 49, 3rd Floor,
South Wing Race Course Road,
Bangalore – 560 001

Make sure that you attach an attested copy of your new photograph & a copy of your Aadhaar card with the application form. Once your photo in the Aadhaar card is successfully updated, you will get the new copy of Aadhaar at your residential address within 15 – 20 days.

For more information check UIDAI’s official website

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