PicsArt’s Photo Editor: Create Online Photo like Album

What is Picsart – Picsart is an application with the help of which you can do any type of photo editing in a pinch. You will find this application on both Android and IOS platforms. Best Photo Editing App| Photo edit in PicsArt App | Collage Maker App| Best Video making App

With the help of this app, you can change the background of the photo, create a collage photo, do a logo design, apply text to the photo or increase the size of the photo, make Tamnail, You can do many more such things with the help of Picsart Application.
Picsart is a Free Available Application, as well as Paid Version Available, which you can use if you pay a little money.

How to Install Picsart on Mobile

You can easily install it on your mobile by following the steps given below.

Open Play Store
First of all you have to go to Android Play Store or IOS App Store and search by typing Picsart like this in the search box.

Install App
This app will come in front of you, it has to be installed in your phone.

Open App
After the app is opened, you will get the option of Google and Facebook to login, you can login by clicking on it, otherwise even if you do not want to login, you can also enter by pressing the Skip above.

Run Application
In this way you are now ready to run Picsart Application in your mobile.

How To Edit Photo with PicsArt App

For this, you can use it by following some easy steps given below, so let’s see.

First of all, you have to open the Picsart App, after that you will see the option of Edit A Photo, you have to press it, otherwise you can also choose different Color Background or Free Sample Images given.
After this, all the editing options will be visible in front of you, with the help of which you can start editing in a professional way.

Next, We Will Tell You How to Use Each Editing Option Present in Picsart


First you will see this option in which you will get Crop, Free crop, shape Crop, dispersion, clone, Remove, Stretch, Motion, Selection, Curve, Adjust, Enhance, TiltShift, Perspective, Resize, Flip/Rotate, which you can use Will be able to
With the help of this, you will be able to change the size of a photo by cropping it, rotating it, many such things will be able to do with the help of tools.

With the help of this, you can apply the effect of Shades, Colors on the photo.
In this you will find different effects like FLTR, FX, Canvas, Sketch, Blur, Artistic, Magic, Pop Art, Distort, Paper, Colors.
Nowadays it is mostly used for uploading photos on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

It is mostly used for editing by face.
In this you will get Face, Wrinkle, Eye bag, Smooth, Face fix, Blemish fix, skin tone, Hair Color, Detail, eye color, Teeth whiten, reshape, Red Eye these options.
Using this, if you can make the face good by editing, if there is a Wrinkle in the photo, then you can remove it, you can whiten Teeth, can change the color of the eye, not only this, you can also change the skin tone.

In this you will get related skickers of different categories, which you can use in photo editing.
In this you can use Heart, Love, Sky, Funny, Smily many other categories of stickers.

Using this, you can cut any desired shape and use it.
In this you will get this option Person, Face, Clothes, Sky, Head, Hair, Background, which you have to cut, you can cut and use that option. In this, you can reduce the outline while cutting so that the right part can be selected.

With this, you can write whatever you want to use by writing text in editing, not only this, you can also reduce the font, Highlight, Color, Stroke, Spacing, Opacity, Blend, Shadow, Bend etc. of the text according to your own. .

It is mostly used for making Meme, Quotes, Motivational Poster.

Add Photo
Using this, if you want to add any other photo to your editing photo, then you can do it through Add Photo.

With the help of this option, you can see by changing the background or you can replace it with another photo, and you can also reduce its shadow.

Using this, you can apply different types of colors and shades on the border. You can also write any free head of any color from it.
You can also erase it, for this you have also been given the option of eraser.

Through this, you can give different types of borders to your photos, you can reduce the border’s Inner, Outer, Radius, Opacity according to you.

In this you have been given many masks like Holi, Rain, Dust, Shadow, Ripple, Prism, Lights, Bokeh, Border, Snow, you can use it on your photo which you want to edit.

Lens Flare
In this, you have been given different types of Lens Flare designs, which you can use for editing according to your own. In this, you also have the option of reducing Opacity, color.

Mask Shape
In this, you have been given many sizes of mask patterns like Circle, Heart, Square, Diamond, Music Logo, Pentagon, Hexagon, you can use it for your Photo Editing as per your need.

In this, you have been given frames for categories like Birthday, Love, Anniversary, Event, you can directly use it for your editing photos, and add them to it.

If you want to present someone’s spoken word in your image, then you can use Callout. This Callout is mostly used for Meme and Tamnail.

Forward Or Backward
If you make a mistake while editing and if you have to go to the previous or next steps, then while using Internet Browser, you take the help of Forward and Backward on the back and front page, in the same way in Picsart give you the upper hand. Icons will appear which are given to move back and forth in Editing Steps.

When your photo or image is ready by editing, you can save it by pressing the Save Icon or share it on Social Media Accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, Instagram.

If seen, seeing this countless tools and features of Picsart, you can do editing in a professional way, and if you want more features then you can also take its membership.

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Conclusion:- Today in this post of we learned how to edit photos with PicsArt, how to download picsart, what is picsart photo editing app, which is the best photo editing app? I hope you liked today’s post.