Google should have 8000 journalists, here’s the quick application

Google should have 8000 journalists, here’s the quick application

There is good news for those looking for a job in Google. Google is going to create an army of investigative journalists to ban Fake News in Google News in India. For this, Google has invited applications for training of 8000 journalists under the google news initiative. These applications have been requested by Google for the training network launched in India. In this training, journalists are being trained to provide awareness of misinformation and knowledge of new tools created for catching Fake News. Under this program 8000 journalists will be trained for English and 6 other Indian languages.

Selection of 200 journalists
After this training Google will be able to select 200 journalists from all over India to check their network for Fake News and their network will be created. This training will last for 5 days where successful journalists will be selected.

Training will be for these languages
These training workshops of Google will be organized in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada.

These things will be taught in training
In Google’s training, the first draft, Storyful, AltNews, BoomLive, and DataLeads experts will be given the fact-checking, online verification and digital hygiene in Google News. Immediately after this training, 200 trained journalists will be selected on behalf of Google. After this, by next year they will be up to 8000. At the same time, Google will also become the world’s largest training center.

Any journalist or professor of journalism can apply for Google’s training. Training rolling basis will be given for this. There will be three rounds for training of a Google-certified trainer:

Round 1: Deadline is July 5 for the first English train-the-trainer boot camp, which will be held in Gurugram from July 30-August 3

Round 2: Deadline is July 15 for trainers in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil and English

Round 3: Deadline is September 15 for trainers in Telugu, Marathi and Bengali and English

Here’s the application

Please click on the URL given below to see the training-

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