Come to leave Facebook and WhatsApp, Google SMS, Learn what are FEATURES

Come to leave Facebook and WhatsApp, Google SMS, Learn what are FEATURES
New Delhi: Today is the era of social media in which people take messages like social media like WhatsApp and Facebook to send messages, but if you have been using a smartphone for a long time, you would know that by coming to these social apps Earlier, people used to send SMS to send messages, which is no longer, but now you will soon be able to send SMS from your desktop and laptop like that of mobile.

In fact Google has officially released an Android message for the web, with the help of which you can easily send an SMS from your computer. According to the latest information, you will now be able to receive RCS, SMS Send and Receive from your desktop. Let’s say that this feature of Google has just been released, so by next week this feature will be available to the users.
Google announced on Monday that ‘Message for Web’ is a new feature of Android messages. In this feature, users will get web version text, pictures and sticker support, along with the option of messaging like WhatsApp and Facebook. Let’s say that after this new feature of Google, there has now been a collision for WhatsApp and Facebook.

To use this app, users will have to install the latest version of the Android Messages App, then you will get this new feature. For this you have to open an Android Message site in your laptop or computer, but here you will get QR code like WhatsApp which you can connect to your phone and computer after scanning. Now after the arrival of this app, users will be able to send SMS to each other and connect with each other.

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