How to Make Remote Control From Mobile

If you have an Android Mobile Phone, then you are done. You do not need to buy a new remote, you can make it the remote of your TV. In today’s time, all the big companies like Mi, Samsung, Oppo or Vivo also provide such a feature in their Android mobile phone. With which you can control many devices in your home through Android mobile phone. The name of the feature we are talking about is Infrared Sensor, which you get to see in today’s latest Android Mobile Phone.

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How To Make Mobile Phone To TV Remote Mobile Ko DTH Remote Kaise Banaye

Friends, if you want to control TV or D2H from your smart mobile phone, then first of all you must have a mobile phone with Infrared Sensor, only then you can make your Smart Mobile Phone a TV remote. You will need an App for this, which you will find in the Play Store of your Android Mobile Phone. We are going to tell you the list of some such top apps, which is given below.

Universal TV Remote Control
This app has got 4.0 star rating and this app has also got 50M+ download, this app is only 7.8 MB, this app is good enough to control TV from mobile. How to make Mobile Phone a TV Remote Download TV Remote

TV Remote – Universal Control for all TVs
This app is also good enough to control TV from mobile, it has got a rating of 3.9 stars. This application is of 11 MB on play store, this application has been downloaded 1M+ from play store.

TV Remote Download
Friends, this application is also very good, this application has got a rating of 2.6 stars, it is an application of 14 MB, this app has also been downloaded 1M+ from Play Store.

Remote Control For All TV
You can also download this application from Play Store. This app is of 17 MB, this app has been downloaded 50M+ from Play Store, and has got a rating of 3.3 stars.

TV remote download
Friends, this app is also very good. You can download this app from Play Store, this application has got a rating of 3.6 stars on Play Store. This application is of 4.8 MB and has downloaded 10M+ from Play Store.

How to make Mobile Phone Remote for TV

Friends, the apps mentioned above, you have to download and install any of these apps from Play Store. If this app is working in your mobile then it means that the feature of Infrared Sensor has been given in your phone. If this app does not work then your mobile does not support this feature.

To make Friends Mobile phone a TV remote, many more apps have been given in the Play Store but all those apps do not work, many of them are also Fake Apps. You have to avoid downloading those Fake App and before downloading any Apps, you should review and Rating Check of that App. Rating and review of all the apps mentioned above are very good.

How to Make Mobile TV Remote

Friends, we know that some companies already provide the feature of Infrared Sensor in their mobile phones. This feature is available in MI and some Samsung devices if you have MI’s Android phone. So you can make your mobile phone a TV remote. Follow the steps given below to make Mobile a TV remote. Here I am explaining you to you with MI Remote Application.

Step-1: First of all open MI Remote application and turn on your TV or Set Top Box.

Step-2: After the application is opened, you have to click on the plus + icon. After this, there will be many category shows in front of you like AC, TV, Set Top Box etc. Here, click on whatever you want to connect.

Step-3: Friends, if you have selected Set Top Box, then the names of some companies will come in front of you. Here you have to click on the name of your company. In TV also you have to follow the same process.

Step-4: When you have selected the name, after this you have to take your mobile phone in front of the Set Top Box or TV. After this you will be asked whether your set top box is on or off, if it is on then click on Yes.

Step-5: After this process, the option of pairing will come in front of you, on clicking which your Set Top Box will be connected to Mi Remote. And then in the screen of the mobile you will see the remote key button, from which you will be able to control the set top box.

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